How do I book my lessons?

If you've never taken lessons with me before this is what you need to do:

  1. Book a free trial lesson.

  2. Check your inbox for a confirmation email.

  3. Let's have a 30-minute Skype session to establish your goals and get to know each other.

  4. Want to dive right in? Let's discuss lesson times and make the payment via Paypal. (Payment details will be provided via email.)


What methodology do you use?​

My methodology is very active and relaxed. I use storytelling to help my students develop their listening comprehension and learn Spanish in context. I also use different games and interesting resources that help my students acquire the language naturally. No boring grammar exercises or endless vocabulary lists! 

How do the lessons work?

I use many different interactive activities where the students are able to use Spanish to complete different tasks. There is always a mix of listening and reading involved. My lessons provide a supportive and safe environment to put your skills into practice. That's how all my students learn naturally and have a great time!

Will I get homework?

I always share links with my students to recommended resources that are readily available online, and I also share content that I personally design. The resources that I share are always based on each student's personal preferences and level. My students are encouraged to take the initiative in terms of their homework, always with my support and guidance. 

How long will it take me to improve my Spanish?

That really depends on how much time you devote to Spanish every day. Just 30 minutes of daily listening practice with the right materials can make a great impact in your comprehension and expression, even if you only have one lesson a week. 

Can I train for my DELE examination with you?

Unfortunately, I do not help people with their DELE exams. 

Do you provide Spanish language certificates?

I do not provide any language certificates. I am a qualified private tutor who helps people learn Spanish for real-life interactions.

What sort of equipment do I need for my lessons?

For an online lesson to go smoothly these are the essentials:

  1. A stable internet connection. 

  2. A computer or laptop with Skype. The use of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) is discouraged, as they limit the possibilities of learning activities.

  3. A webcam, a microphone and headphones.

  4. A quiet environment. Noisy environments, such as coffee shops or other public spaces can truly disrupt the lesson. 

Can I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule a lesson provided you give 24 hour's notice. If you cancel, this means you will take the lesson at a different time, still to be determined. Cancelling a lesson does not imply getting a refund. If you fail to provide 24 hour's notice you will be charged for the lesson. Lessons are not refundable. For more information please go to Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I'm late for a lesson?

The teacher will wait for you up to 15 minutes after the lesson's starting time. If you do not show up after that time you will be charged for that lesson. In that case you will not be able to reschedule the lesson.

Do lessons expire?

Yes, lessons and lesson packages expire six months after payment.